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Introduction to Zhongyuan University of Technology

Zhongyuan University of Technology (ZUT), formerly known as Zhengzhou Textile Institute, was founded in 1955. Originally affiliated to the former Ministry of Textile Industry, ZUT was transferred to the administration of Henan Province in 2000. Since its establishment ZUT has been focusing on textile and apparel technology development and has made great contributions to the industry. With this strong heritage ZUT has now developed into a multidisciplinary university covering engineering, management, literature, science, economics, law, philosophy, history and art.

ZUT has three campuses — the Longhu Campus, Zhongyuan Campus and West Campus with a total area of 1,610 mu. ZUT has a building area of 686,700 square meters and a library collection of 4,414,200 volumes. The total value of its teaching and research facilities adds up to 463 million yuan. There are altogether1824staff members in the university. Of the 1234 full-time teachers,557 are professors and associate professors and442hold doctoral degrees. Six teachers have been awarded as National Excellent Teachers, 1 as National Model Teacher, and 20 as Young & Middle-aged Experts with Distinguished Contributions and Special Allowance of the State Council. There are 17 Provincial Teaching Teams and Research Groups as well as dozens of excellent teachers and experts withprovincial honorary titles.

ZUT has 20 schools and departments, coveringthe disciplines of textile, fashion technology,energy & environmental engineering,mechanical & electronic engineering,electronic & information engineering,art & design, etc. There are63undergraduate programs as well as 11 fist-tier discipline master degree programs, 53 second-tier discipline master degree programs, and 7 professional master degree programs. ZUT has 10 Provincial Key Disciplines, including 8 first-tier disciplines and 2 second-tier disciplines. The provincial distinctive discipline cluster ofNew Materials and High-end Equipments of Textile and Apparelinvolve 5 fist-tier disciplines. Both ZUT’s Engineering Training Center and the University Science and Technology Park are among the first group of its kind in Henan Province.

Holding high quality standards in its education ZUT has carried out teaching reforms to nurture students’ capacity for original, rigorous, and critical thinking and cultivate students with all-round development and professional skills. In May 2016, it successfully passed the Undergraduate Program Quality Review conducted by the Ministry of Education. Four undergraduate programs are awarded with the honor of National-level Distinctive Programs, 1 National-level Comprehensive Reform Pilot Program, 1 National-level Practical Teaching Center. There are also provincial-level distinctive programs, laboratories, training centers as well as courses in the university. In recent three years 9 teaching research projects have won first prize and above of provincial achievement awards. ZUT students have won many prizes in various national competition events for college students, such as the Challenge Cup Competition, Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Electronic Design Competition, Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, etc. The students’ remarkable performances in the National Undergraduate Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition make ZUT one of the three universities across the country that won the first prize in five consecutive years. ZUT has ranked first in Henan universities in terms of the number of prizes in the 2017 National Electronic Design Competition for College Students and the 14th National Graduate Mathematical Modeling Competition. Students of Industrial Design Program have twice won the German Red Dot Design Award. Students of Fashion Design Programhave won the New DesignersAward,top award ofthe National Fashion Design Competition for College Students. As a result, ZUT graduates are very popular with the society and enterprises and enjoy good reputation in their practical ability and creativity. The employment rate keeps above 90% in recent three years.

ZUT focuses on scientific research and boasts 36 national and provincial key laboratories and research centers, including the State-Local Joint Laboratory for Efficient and Precise Diamond Sawing and Cutting Techniques, Henan Textile and Apparel Industry Collaborative Innovation Center,Henan Provincial Key Laboratory of Functional Textile Materials, Henan Provincial Key Laboratory of Functional Salt, Henan Provincial Engineering Laboratory of Image Analysis and Machine Vision,Henan Provincial Research Center of Heat-pumping Air-conditioning Engineering, Henan Provincial Research Center of Diamond Carbon Composites Engineering Technology, etc. Since 2011 ZUT teachers have undertaken over 1500 research projects and made landmark achievements. At the national level there are 135 National Natural Science Foundation Projects, 22 National Social Science Foundation Projects,4National Science and Technology Key Projects and3sub-projects of National Key Research and Development Plan. At the provincial level there are over660projects in natural science and 160 projects in social sciences as well as447projects for industries and enterprises. Altogether 112 projects have received national and provincial awards, including 2 second prizes of the NationalScience and Technology Progress Award, 1 first prize of theProvincial Science and Technology Progress Award and 2 first prizes of Henan Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award. 1,532 research papers have been included in SCI, EI and ISTP, 560 books have been published and 625 patents of invention have been authorized. ZUT has 1 Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base and 1 Provincial Incubation Center.

Being globally oriented, ZUT is one of the first group of universities in Henan Province to conduct academic exchange and cooperation with overseas universities. ZUT enjoys a long history of exchange and cooperation with universities from UK, Russia and Taiwan. There are 9 joint programs with the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Unitec Institute of Technology of New Zealand. Since 2002 hundreds of students have taken advantage of the programs and pursued their studies in world-renowned universities. In 2017 Zhongyuan-Petersburg Aviation College, a non-independent legal entity jointly run by ZUT and Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, was approved to start its enrollment by the Ministry of Education. Up to now ZUT has established links with such universities as Deakin University (Australia),University of Florence(Italy), University of Bremen (Germany), Missouri University of Science and Technology (America), University of Mysore (India), King Juan Carlos University (Spain), etc. ZUT is the home toHenan Education Association for International Exchanges. ZUT hosted the 7th National Annual Conference of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools, and was elected as an executive director university of Research Branch of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools of China Association of Higher Education. ZUT also hosted the 3rd International Travel Conference (China) on Logistics Management and Engineering as well as the International Academic Conference on Industrial Fibres and Textiles. ZUT and Bremen University jointly set up an International Research Center for Logistics Management and Engineering. What’s more, ZUT offers Chinese lessons and master degree for overseas students from Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and other Belt-and-Road countries.

For the future ZUT has made a three-step strategic plan. The first step is to upgrade the level of scientific research andaccomplish the transformation from a teaching-orientated university to a teaching & research-orientated university by 2020. The second step is to further enhance its distinctive features in talent cultivation and obtain the authorization to offer doctoral degrees by 2035. The third step is to develop into a key and leading university with unique characteristics in the country by 2050.


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